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About ShopTheRoe

ShopTheRoe helps LuLaRoe consultants connect with customers, providing them with a simplified shopping experience. Specifically tailored for LuLaRoe consultants, ShopTheRoe is a full suite of tools for managing your small business. Take control of your business and simplify your life by signing up with ShopTheRoe today!

Your first two weeks are free, and with our simple pricing scheme you've got nothing to lose by signing up (no credit card required).

Inventory tracking

Track all items received and sold. At any given moment you'll be able to check which items you have in your inventory.

So what does this mean for you?

  • No more late-nights digging through your closet/garage counting items and sizes.
  • No more overselling.
  • No more manual tracking in a monolithic spreadsheet.
  • Bulk uploading pictures makes importing your inventory to the cloud a breeze.

Bulk uploading pictures makes importing your inventory to the cloud a breeze, and once your inventory is on ShopTheRoe you can access it from any device, anywhere in the world!

ShopTheRoe also generates unique QR codes for all of your items. The codes can be downloaded and printed onto sticky labels that fit neatly onto the back of the existing LLR tags. Super handy for in-home parties and pop-ups!

Sales management / Social Media integration

When you use ShopTheRoe to list an item for sale, customers simply click on a link to claim the item. Your customer will provide their contact information when they claim the item on ShopTheRoe, eliminating the usual back-and-forth. And don't worry, you can post your sale to your Facebook group directly from ShopTheRoe. No duplicated effort!

When you post your items to Facebook using ShopTheRoe, you can include a "claim link" that your customers click on to claim the item.

Don't want to use a link? No problem! You can still use the time-tested "sold" comment method. ShopTheRoe can search through your posted items for sold comments.

Financial tracking

Simplify your life at tax time! ShopTheRoe generates certain types of financial statements (Profit and Loss, etc.) which will help you calculate how much you owe for personal income tax.

Online parties

Facebook got ya down? No worries, you can list your items directly on ShopTheRoe! We've created a unique online party solution that allows you to list your items instantly without waiting for Facebook uploads or being thrown in Facebook jail (including multi-consultant support). Best of all, you won't have to sacrifice your existing network of customers that you've built up on Facebook since your customers will still be able to engage via Facebook commenting and Like buttons.

We've gone to great lengths to ensure that our online listing experience is compliant with LLR's Policies & Procedures.

Want to see more? Take a look at the Getting started with ShopTheRoe screencast for a quick tour of some of ShopTheRoe's key features. Please bear in mind that a lot of features have been added since that screencast was recorded so things will look a bit different now, but you can still get a rough idea of how things work.